Why Do Skullcandy Earbuds Break Easily?

Skullcandy is a renowned experienced headphone and earbuds maker. They have been making gadgets for audiophiles for almost two decades now. But recent customer reports suggest that Skullcandy earbuds are breaking easily and frequently.

Although most people appreciate Skullcandy’s affordable pricing for their headphones and earbuds, they do not want any gadgets with compromising build quality.

If you are about to buy Skullcandy Earbuds and wondering why Skullcandy breaks easily, then this article is for you. In this article, I will explain in detail why exactly Skullcandy earbuds break so easily. I will also explain how you can prevent them from breaking.

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Seven reasons why Skullcandy earbuds break easily

There are many reasons why Skullcandy earbuds break so easily. Both user and design errors can be attributed to the fragility of Skullcandy earbuds.

Below are some reasons why wired and wireless Skullcandy earbuds are prone to breaking so easily.

1. Poor Design: The most common reason for skull candy earbuds breaking is the poor design. Skullcandy earbuds are well known for their flashy and stylish design. Often, earbuds’ structural integrity is overlooked in pursuit of making uniquely designed products. That means the earbuds may look fantastic, but they are not built to last long.

Most Skullcandy earbuds are primarily made out of plastic, which is not the strongest material. Plastics can easily crack or snap under pressure. They can also become brittle over time. Moreover, some Skullcandy earbuds have small, fragile components that can easily get damaged during day-to-day use.

2. Lack of testing: Another reason why Skullcandy might break easily is because of the lack of durability testing. Generally, big earbuds manufacturers test their products out rigorously before releasing them in the market. They carry out various stress tests to ensure their products can withstand regular use.

However, many companies opt to cut corners and choose to refrain from performing these tests in an attempt to save money. Although it is unclear whether Skullcandy skimps on durability testing, the fact that their earbuds break so easily suggests that they are not adequately testing their products.

3. Poor manufacturing quality: All Skullcandy earbuds are solely manufactured in China, where quality control standards might be more relaxed than in other countries. This may result in manufacturing products that are not of the highest quality.

Some earbuds may have underlying defects that might go unnoticed during manufacturing. For instance, loose components or weak soldering can lead to earbuds breaking easily, even if you handle them carefully.

4. Brute handling: While Skullcandy earbuds may not be the most durable earbuds on the planet, they can still last a long time if handled and used correctly. Unfortunately, most of these earbuds meet their untimely demise because of brute handling by their users.

For example, many users yank their earbuds out of their ears and forcefully pull out the headphone jack from their devices. This can induce unnecessary pressure on the joints and damage the earbuds over time.

Furthermore, users also tend to carry earbuds in the back of their jeans and backpacks without a protective case. Carrying earbuds without a protective case increases their chance of being crushed under heavy belongings.

5. Sweat and moisture: Sweat and moisture can also shorten the lifespan of your Skullcandy earbuds. When earbuds are exposed to sweat or moisture, the water can sweep into the internal circuitry and corrode the electrical components.

Moreover, moisture can also make plastic components of the earbuds brittle, making them more prone to cracking or breaking. This issue is more prominent with users who sweat heavily or use earbuds during exercise.

6. Listening to music at high volume: Believe it or not, your Skullcandy earbuds can get damaged if you listen to music continuously at very high volumes.

Listening to music at high volume puts earbuds drivers under a lot of stress. The drivers are the components that are responsible for producing sound. Higher volume can put these drivers under immense pressure and cause them to wear out or break over time.

7. Sleeping with earbuds: The habit of taking your Skullcandy earbuds to bed while sleeping might actually be the main reason why they are breaking so easily.

When you sleep with earbuds on, you may accidentally pull on the cords, which can damage the internal wiring of the earbuds. Moreover, sleeping with earbuds can actually cause earwax and moisture to accumulate on the earbud’s speaker grill and damage the drivers.

How to prevent Skullcandy earbuds from breaking easily?

Now that we know why Skullcandy earbuds break easily, we need to have a proper idea about how to prevent them from doing so. Below are some protective measures that will help you increase the lifespan of Skullcandy earbuds.

Invest in a protective case: The first thing you must do to extend the lifespan of Skullcandy earbuds is to invest in a good protective case.

A protective case will keep your earbuds safe from accidental drops or impacts. You can carry your Skullcandy earbuds without any worries in a backpack or in your back pocket if you store them in a good protective case.

Handle with care: Handling earbuds with care goes a long way in extending their lifespan.

Remove earbuds from your ear carefully. Do not pull on the cord, as doing so can cause the wiring to break. Also, be careful while unplugging the headphone jack from your device.

Keep away from moisture: As explained above, sweat and moisture can easily damage Skullcandy earbuds. So if you want your earbuds to last a long time, avoid wearing them during exercising and swimming. Also, be mindful about using them in humid environments.

Use a cable clip: Using a cable clip can prevent Skullcandy earbuds from breaking easily. It is an easy and relatively inexpensive solution to the problem. A cable clip is a small device that attaches to the earbuds’ cord and helps hold them in place. It also prevents earbuds from getting all tangled up.

These are some of the measures you can take to prevent Skullcandy earbuds from breaking.


Hopefully, this article helped you to better understand why Skullcandy earbuds tend to break easily and how to prevent them from doing so.

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