How To Make Headphones More Comfortable To Wear?

Headphones are essential for anyone who listens to music does gaming or uses them for work purposes. However, headphones can become uncomfortable if used for longer periods. Fortunately, by following several methods, you can make your headphones more comfortable to wear even if you use them for an extended period.

Headphones are mass-produced. As a result, they may not fit you correctly and turn out to be uncomfortable for your head. If you are dissatisfied with the comfort of the headphones that you’ve just bought, don’t worry I’ll explain how you can make them more comfortable.

In this article, I will explore some of the easy and most effective methods by following which you can make your headphones more comfortable. I request you to read this article to the end if you wish to know more about this topic.

Why do Headphones become uncomfortable to wear?

Before diving into how you can make your headphones more comfortable to wear, let us have a clear idea about why exactly headphones cause discomfort.

The main reason why headphones become uncomfortable to wear is because of the pressure that they exert on your ear. Headphone earcups are designed to fit snugly around your ear in order to prevent unnecessary sound leakage. But for some people, a snug earcup fit can induce discomfort, pain, and even headache.

Another factor that might contribute to discomfort is the weight of the headphones themselves. An overweight headphone can produce excessive strain on your neck and shoulders over time leading to discomfort and pain. Over-the-ear headphones tend to be heavier than in-ear models making them more susceptible to this issue.

Moreover, earcup and headband materials can also play a significant role in inducing discomfort. Many cheap over-ear headphones do not come with proper earcup ventilation. Lack of proper ventilation can make your ear sweaty, especially in humid conditions.

Furthermore, some people might have allergic reactions to faux leather used to manufacture cheap earcups and headbands, making them very uncomfortable to use.

Tips for making Headphones more comfortable

Tips for making Headphones more comfortable
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Now comes the main part of this article, where I will explain how you can make your headphone more comfortable and use them for long periods.

Below are some of the simplest and easiest methods that will make your headphone much more comfortable than they were before.

1. Change the Earcups

As discussed earlier, earcups play a vital role in producing the best comfort for your ear. If you have an earcup that’s too tight for your liking, replace them as soon as you can.

Earcups can also wear out and flatten over time which can make your headphones feel uncomfortable. If you have flat earcups, look for replacement ones that are made out of memory foam or other soft materials.

Faux earcups lack the proper ventilation required to keep your ear free from humidity. If your ears are sweaty every time you use headphones, it is time to replace your earcups with a more breathable one.

Generally, genuine leather earcups have much better ventilation than artificial leather ones. If possible swap your faux leather earcup with genuine leather.

2. Adjust and customize the Headband

Headbands can also influence how comfortable your headphones are to wear. If you own a headphone that has an adjustable headband, make sure to adjust it in a way that it sits comfortably over your head. If your headband is too tight, it can cause headaches or discomfort.

Some headphones come with headbands that have very thin padding. You won’t be able to make those headphones comfortable no matter how much you adjust the headband. In such cases, customizing the headband can make it way more comfortable.

Buy a thick replacement headband pad as a thicker pad will provide more cushioning over the top of your head. Make sure to buy a headband pad that matches your headphone model. You can easily find replacement parts online. You can also make your headphone pad DIY style.

3. Take breaks in between your sessions

No matter how comfortable your headphone is, if you keep using them for hours, they will start to feel uncomfortable. If you are gaming or listening to music for an extended period, take a short break and stretch your legs.

Taking breaks can remove fatigue and reduce discomfort. It will allow you to enjoy using your headphones for longer periods.

4. Reduce the volume

Listening to music at high volume is detrimental to your ears and can cause discomfort. So as a way to make sure you are comfortable using your headphone, lower the volume a bit. Experts recommend keeping headphone volume below 70dB to avoid damaging your hearing. So try to stay below that threshold.

5. Keep your Headphone clean

Keeping your headphones clean is essential for ensuring comfort every time you use them. Over time, headphones can accumulate dirt, dust, and grime from the surroundings. Moreover, sweat and oil from your skin can also gather on earcups which can cause skin irritation.

To avoid this problem, clean your headphones regularly. You can use headphone cleaning solutions and wipe them with a soft cloth. Some headphones have removable earcups. If your headphone has those, remove the earcups and clean them regularly.

6. Store Headphones in the proper place

Headphone comfort also depends on how you store them. For instance, if you store your headphones in a place where they can become bent or get crushed, you won’t get the intended fit and it will feel very uncomfortable to use.

Store your headphones in a protective case or use a headphone stand when you are not using them.

7. Adjust the cable

Believe it or not, headphone cables can also affect your level of comfort. If your cable is too short, it can pull your headphone and constrict your movement. On the contrary, if the cable to too long, it can get tangled.

Adjust your headphone cables to a length that is comfortable for you. Secure excess cable with a zip tie or clip.

8. Use custom cushions

If you wear glasses, using headphones can become uncomfortable pretty quickly. The pressure from headphone earcups can push and bend the glasses into your temples, causing pain and discomfort.

In order to get around this problem, you can use custom soft cushions. Cushions can help relieve the excess pressure and make your headphones comfortable. You can also cut a notch into the earcups and remove just enough material to fit your glass frames in the earcups.

9. Stretch the Headphones

If you find your headphone to be too tight around your head, try and stretch them out. In order to do this, take some books and position them vertically side by side. Stack the books in such a way that collectively, their width is equal or a bit wider than your own head.

After doing so, take your headphone and put them over the books. Keep it there for a couple of hours and see if they fit you properly. If they don’t, repeat the process until you get the perfect fit.


To conclude, always try to get the right headphones that fit your head properly. Avoid buying one that is too tight for you or has thin padding.

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