Do Beats Solo 3 Breaks Easily?

Established in 2006, Beats was founded by famous music producer Dr. Dre and record company executive Jimmy Iovine. The company is renowned because of its sleek design and excellent-sounding headphones. Beats were acquired by tech giant Apple back in 2014.

Beats Solo 3 Headphones are the third generation of Beats’ popular over-ear headphone series. First released in 2016, they are still widely available today. But since its release, users have been complaining about their build quality.

If you are looking forward to buying Beats Solo 3 headphones but are hesitant because of their durability issue, then look no more.

In this article, I will discuss whether Beats Solo 3 breaks easily. I will also discuss how to care for them and whether you should buy them. Please read this article to the end if you want to know more about this topic.

Five Common Problems with Beats Solo 3

Before diving into whether Beats Solo 3 breaks easily or not, let us first take a look at the common problems users encounter with this model. Some of the most common issues with this model are-

1. Connectivity Issues

Wireless earbuds and headphones from almost all brands tend to suffer from this issue.

Some users of Beats Solo 3 reported the headphones disconnecting from their devices quite frequently. Moreover, they also described facing difficulty in pairing them in the first place.

2. Battery Life

Low battery backup is another common issue that Beats Solo 3 headphones users suffer from. Many Beats users reported that the headphone tends to suffer from battery drain issue when kept idle.

3. Sound Quality

While Beats headphones are well known for their impressive sound quality, some users have reported issues with the sound quality of Beats Solo 3. According to them, the headphone sometimes produces muffled and distorted audio.

4. Fit and Comfort

Some users have also found Beats Solo 3 to be uncomfortable. Many users found the headphones very uncomfortable after a long time of wearing them. According to them, the earcups are firm and press on the ears very hard, causing ear pain.

5. Durability

This is the most common issue faced by almost all Beats Solo 3 users who use the headphones regularly. Customers flagged cracked and broken headbands, loose and detached earcups, cracks on the earcup housing, and many other durability issues with this model.

The Durability of Beats Solo 3 Headphone

Beats produce reasonably sturdy and durable headphones that can withstand primary day-to-day use, the Solo 3 is no exception. The headphone has a solid build quality. It is primarily made out of plastic with some metal reinforcement.

However, no matter how sturdily a headphone is built, it will sustain damage and suffer regular wear and tear over time. The earcups and the headband suffers the most damage due to regular use.

Just like with any other electronic device, Beats Solo 3 is not immune to damage. The lifespan and durability of Beats Solo 3 vastly depend on many external factors, such as how they are used, and how often they are used, transported, and stored.

It is worth noting that some customers have found issues with the hinges of Beats Solo 3 headphones. Users reported that the hinges of the headphone could become loose or break over time. However, the issue is relatively uncommon and does not indicate a massive problem with the headphones’ build quality.

Overall. Beats Solo 3 is generally considered a well-built and durable headphone. But as with any electronic device, you should take care while using it to prolong its lifespan.

Factors that Can Affect the Durability of Beats Solo 3

As previously discussed, the Solo 3 is a durable headphone. But external factors can negatively affect its lifespan. Some of the factors that can affect Beats Solo 3’s durability are,

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors can play a vital role in the durability of your Beats Solo 3 headphone. For example, exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity can cause damage to the headphones and affect their sound quality.

Moreover, sweat and water can also sweep into the internal wirings of the headphone and damage the intricate electronics inside.

Usage Habits

Your usage habit can directly influence the durability of your favorite pair of headphones. For example, frequently using the Beats Solo 3 for long hours can hasten the damage to the earcups and headbands.

Moreover, listening to music to the maximum level can also put a strain on the headphones’ internal components and reduce their lifespan. Roughly handling the Beats Solo 3 can negatively affect its lifespan as well.


Any electronic device will continue to perform just like the day you bought it if you maintain it well. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the durability of your Beats Solo 3.

For instance, cleaning the earcups regularly can help prevent dirt and grime from building up on the headphone drivers. On the contrary, users who don’t properly maintain their Beats Solo 3 will find it breaking down more often than others.

Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Beats Solo 3 Headphone

By following the tips discussed below, you can drastically increase the lifespan of your Beats headphone.

1. Handle with care

The most common reason for headphones to break is that users do not handle them properly. The first and foremost tip for extending the lifespan of your Beats Solo 3 is to handle it with care.

2. Store them properly

Proper storage is essential for expanding the lifespan of any electronic device, including Beats Solo 3.

Store the headphones in a cool and dry place when you are not using them. If possible, carry the headphone in a carrying case when traveling. Avoid leaving the headphones on your table or bag where they can get crushed.

3. Keep them away from moisture

As discussed earlier, water and moisture can easily damage Beats Solo 3. So avoid using them in a humid environment. You should also avoid using them while exercising.

4. Don’t overcharge

If you want the best battery life out of your Beats Solo 3, avoid overcharging them. Overcharging can damage the battery of your Beats Solo 3 headphones. Always try to unplug the headphones once they are fully charged.

Also, avoid using fast chargers, as they can generate excess heat and damage the battery.


To conclude, Beats Solo 3 is an excellent headphone that has fantastic build quality. But its durability directly depends on the user and how it is used and maintained.

If you follow our tips and properly care for the Beats Solo 3, it will last a long time. On the contrary, it won’t last very long if you do not take proper care of the headphone.

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